The Energetics of Friendship

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Every time I connect with people these days and we begin the ritual of meeting for “coffee”, we begin to talk about how great it is to meet and be together and why is it that more people don’t get together. The consensus always seems to be that everyone is always “busy” and they don’t have the time or energy to invest in a friendship.

News flash! When you have friendship, you have way more energy! First of all, chances are that you are going to be laughing more inside of a friendship. Laughing is a huge boost to your well-being. When you’re feeling better, you have more energy! Second, when you are friends, you have more emotional support. When you feel supported, you feel stronger, you feel unstoppable. When you feel strong, you have more energy! Third, when you are in a friendship, you do things together in life, which gives you more momentum. When you have momentum, you have more fuel and more energy. Fourth, within a friendship, you are simply happier, you laugh, you learn to not take everything so seriously as you goof around, and that makes you a happier person, felling connected, and feeling connected is the biggest energy boost of all!

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