The Core, Part II - "The Two Selves"

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

“When you are your own best friend, then you are the friend to all”. -- Swami Rama

The Two Selves

There are three conditionings and limitations of the mind: time, space, and causation. We have two selves: one is a surface self that changes over time, and is molded by the experiences in life. The second self is the inner core that’s exists in an omnipresent way. This isn’t your mind and it’s not even your personality. What it is, is your true self that can’t be pinned down. It’s the all and it is connected to everything and everyone.

In order to find and stay in tune with whatever it is that you desire, you have to know something very important. You have to know yourself. It’s this connection with your inner light, your inner world, the true self that we need to connect and communicate with first. How and what you are thinking and feeling is the first line of this communication. Get to know your thoughts. Make sure they are good and deliberate. Your thoughts are the first step in creating everything. What do you want to create? The next step is to feel. What are you feeling? Feel it before you have it. Whatever it is that you desire, make sure you feel what it would feel like even before it happens. Imagine what fun it would be to play and laugh with your friends. What does that feel like? Think it. Feel it. Accept it.

I reflect back on my friendship in kindergarten and I realize why and how it was so simple to connect with someone else. At that age, we are less conditioned by the material world, we’re closer and more aware of our true source. We know where we originate from. We love everything, including ourselves. We are in sync with ourselves. We know who we are. We love. We love ourselves, and therefore we have the capacity for pure friendship. It doesn’t take being 6 years old to do this. You’re not an age. You are an energy.

“When you are your own best friend, then you are the friend to all”. Swami Rama

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