The Core of Things

Updated: Apr 27, 2020


"At the core (much like an onion, where you peel layer by layer), there is always a connection that has never gone away. It's there ALL THE TIME. Love is here..."

My kindergarten friend was the first pure friendship I had. Sure, I had lots of "friends", but true, got your back, "love you for you" type of friends, not really. I went for many years not experiencing a friendship bond quite like that since, which made me ask: “why?!” Why is it so hard to make friends these days? Over the years I listened to all kinds of people and watched them stoically hold a stiff upper lip and give lie to the lack of a bond of a true friend.

Why is this happening? Are we too judgmental? Are we too old? Are we too busy? (Listen carefully to how often people use the word “busy” and you may feel your eyebrows rise with suspicion). Are we too self-absorbed? Are we too abundant with people we already know? Are we too scared to make a move and talk to someone? Are we too afflicted with pain? Is there no capacity for friendship because most people are living in survival mode? In survival mode, we are consumed with our own existence and don't have the capacity to open up. This is fight mode.

Right now, if you were to take a soft loving look around, you may notice that despite all the social media, there are in fact way too many people without real friends. It’s not just in this country either. Take a look at statistics of loneliness around the world. We have become very isolated and nobody wants to admit that we need each other. We need a support to walk bravely with and perhaps even be a little irreverent with in life in order to leave all the pain and seriousness, laugh and have some fun. We need to enjoy life together. Turn your back on the seriousness, have some laughs with people and things will work out.

I think our original self is in there. We need to fully live as that self again. We all have it and it is brilliant. It lives with no time, no space, and doesn’t focus on the functions of the material world. I am talking about the original self that doesn’t think with limitation, the self we were much closer to at kindergarten age.

As we go through life we tend to experience time and space and this division that exists between them. I think the line between time and space wears us down and pulls us away from the most important things in life. This division causes us to become unimaginative, rigid and quite dull. When we are divided from our true self (our CORE), that is when there is loneliness.

Please remember this. At the core (much like an onion, where you peel layer by layer), there is always a connection that has never gone away. It's there ALL THE TIME. Love is here. It always has. It always will. I sliced this onion one day. I totally believe in signs. When I sliced into this onion, I noticed a perfect heart shape. Each time i sliced there was another one, and another one!

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