Creating a Lifelong Bond of Real Friendship in Un-Real Times

Crisis evokes Serenity, a Full State of Presence, and Creates Lifelong Connections.

Have you ever tripped and fallen, and as you were flying through the air towards the ground, experienced everything in slow-motion? Or maybe it’s like time stops and you have a heightened sense of being. Your senses kick in acutely and you’re able to maneuver your body in such a way to create a safer outcome, or even be able to focus your attention on several things at the same time. It may seem like an eternity, and then “whoosh”, you re-enter the world again.

Within that pocket of reality where time seems to come to a stand-still, there’s a state of pure calm, a state where you’re fully present. This is a zone of unlimited potential. Within this zone, if you’re fully present, anything is possible. Within this zone, there’s a pure state of calm. I’ve learned from personal experience that in this place of serenity is where we can access our super human potential. In this space we can acquire true meaningful engagement. It usually happens in the void also known as “the unknown”. This is where the magic of life happens. It’s the place where we can plan and create the next step in our realty. It’s like lucid dreaming where you suddenly realize that you can rearrange things in the world and choose a different realty (like when you’re dreaming and you become aware that you’re dreaming and instead of walking, you decide to fly). We can choose what happens next by sheer focus and attention on what we want, rather than what appears to be the inevitable.

We don’t need to fall down or go through any trauma to experience the serene, superhuman, bending of time magic. All we have to do is be fully present and appropriately engaged in what’s going on. In these key moments, I guarantee, you have someone standing nearby who is in it with you, also experiencing something similar.

This brings me to the topic of FRIENDSHIP and CONNECTING with others. The key to the ART of FRIENDSHIP is being fully present (like when we trip and experience an altered state). This is when you use your new found tools of Being Present and being Appropriately Engaged. These two things are responsible for changing the world.

During unusual times is when we usually recognize the ones who are in our corner and we in theirs. These are the days when we find our most powerful connections (our tribe of “Super Friends”). It’s like now when we’re in a pandemic and we feel the state of that freefall/of out of control state, where we’re barreling through space watching the horror in front of us. It’s in this space that I call out to you and ask you to stop looking where you think you’re headed, but to look at where you want to go. This is the time to notice, really focus on who is with you, because you’re not alone!

Within this un-real time, there’s an underlying magic of friendship here for you (like a guardian angel), to guide you and show you how amazing the outcome of this situation can be. Within this underlying magic is you revealing yourself through your presence. That’s it. It’s just you, being there physically. You being there, has this perfect electromagnetic field of safety and calm. This calm is a superpower. You being right there, right then, is incredibly powerful and world changing.

Stop doing things. Stop with the computer. Stop with the social media. Stop everything and be there in the void. Stop the tasking and multitasking. Stop everything. Stop or it will be stopped for you. The entire world has come to a standstill. So just be there. Be quiet. Be with the quiet. If you feel the sense of panic, then let the panic wash over you. It’s just a chemical reaction, that if you don’t fight, will last only 90 seconds and it will leave. All this will be uncomfortable at first, but I promise, with practice, it will be effortless and create a whole new beautiful world for you.

In this place, begin to listen without judgment. Don’t try to relate. You don’t have to connect. Don’t try to connect. Just listen. Don’t try to figure anything out. Don’t think of the outcome. Listen to the person you are near. Then watch. Watch in the same way you’ve just learned to listen (without judgment or motive).

You may experience all kinds of memories and thoughts trying to rush and interrupt this sacred space. Breathe and keep clear. Stay engaged. Stay present. Stay calm and serene. You now have the space, the bandwidth, and the capacity to create friendship. This is it. This is the art of friendship.

Friendship is sparked by revealing yourself through your presence. Friendship is created by seeking to understand first and then allowing for the understanding to be mutual. Friendship is cultivated further by the connections we make with one another. We change the world with the friendships we show up for. Every person that’s around you is a preplanned meeting. There are no accidents. Pay attention. Be present.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but is woven into the lives of others.” – Pericles

Re-enter the world again (even if right now it’s with physical distancing from a few yards away, with a mask on your face). Your physical presence and your voice resonate a clear undeniable force of love and security. Notice your new friend in this new time. The world is a small town. Where you stand is where the tribe is. We are family.



Founder of BeFriendlyWorld

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